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LOOM Limited Edition Printed Digital Art Puzzle Vinyl

Imagine Dragons’ sixth studio album LOOM represents the pinnacle of their artistic journey of self-discovery and marks the best body of work they’ve ever made. LOOM, produced entirely by Imagine Dragons and their longtime collaborators Mattman and Robin, finds the perfect balance between the classic sounds that have made them superstars and the freshness that brought them joy in the studio. Featuring 9 brand new tracks including hit single “Eyes Closed”, LOOM signifies new beginnings on the horizon – the excitement for a new day, moments yet to come.

Each of these vinyl include a unique insert - the only one in the entire world. Together, these inserts form a bigger picture; 9 special images correlating to the 9 tracks on the album.

1 LP Artist exclusive vinyl in gatefold jacket, sleeve, labels, sticker
Includes unique printed insert puzzle piece
9 puzzle variations available
Each puzzle is made up of 342 pieces



1. Wake Up
2. Nice To Meet You
3. Eyes Closed
4. Take Me To The Beach
5. In Your Corner
6. Gods Don’t Pray

7. Don’t Forget Me
8. Kid
9. Fire In These Hills


Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

Limited to 4 units per customer.

Shipping only available to customers in the United States.